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Progression of Knowledge and Skills

In recent years. our teachers have worked incredibly hard to evaluate and modify our school curriculum. Our updated plans have been placed on this page. (Updated History, Geography, DT, Art + design and Science plans coming soon)  Our teachers have checked to make sure that the plans are:

1. Compliant with the National Curriculum

2. Knowledge and Skills based, ensuring that building blocks of learning are cemented into place and there are opportunities to recap on knowledge learnt in previous years and is sequenced so that learning takes place in a logical sequence.

3. Relevant to the children of Stewkley and the surrounding villages where children learn about rural life and their agricultural heritage.

4. Providing children with opportunities to learn off-site and away from the classroom so that their knowledge becomes embedded as it is based on practical and real life experiences.




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French / MFL 

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum at St Michael's School, please contact Mr Morley via the school office.