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Greek Day in School



Click here for information on Costumes!

To finish our topic on Ancient Greece, we have arranged for a professional company to coordinate a “Life in Ancient Greece” day in school on Wednesday 29th March 2017 for Years 5 and 6.  There will be a range of hands-on activities for the children to join in with, together with workshops, role play and listening to stories from that era.  We have used this company a few times before and they have proved to be highly successful.


In order to make our day more enjoyable and help your child really feel part of the day we would like them to wear a simple costume.  On the reverse of this letter is a brief description of how to make a costume for a boy or girl.  Please contact us if you have any problems providing something for your child to wear.


We would like the children to arrive in school at the usual time on the Wednesday morning in costume – see over.  The children will still require a cooked/packed lunch.  We will also be sampling Greek food during the day – pitta bread, cheese, fruit, dates, olives and cake.


We would like to ask for a voluntary contribution of £6.50 to help cover the cost of the day.  We are grateful to The Friends’ Association who are kindly contributing towards the cost too.


Finally, and very importantly, we would appreciate help on the day from parents. In order to get maximum educational benefit from the day, the company insists we have at least an adult (suitably dressed in costume!) per work shop (there are ten.)  Please indicate on the reply slip below if you are available.  Helpers do not need to be DBS checked for a one off occasion such as this but do need to be known to the school. We would like reply slips in by Friday 24th March so the day, groupings and shopping can be organised!  Many thanks.