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Year 6 SATs Information

5th May 2017


Dear Parents / Carers of Year 6 pupils

Last night, I spent an enjoyable evening reading a collection of very persuasive letters from our year 6 pupils. Each child was trying to persuade me to agree to their idea for an end of SATS week treat. I must admit I was expecting some weird and wonderful ideas but they were all possible and manageable. I was particularly impressed with the different techniques they used to try and convince me that their idea was the best. 

After much deliberation, I chose two letters both asking for a movie and pizza afternoon. I think the fact that they invited me to join them worked a treat. The children would also like a few snacks to eat after the pizza. If you would like to send in a packet of biscuits, a bag of popcorn etc. that would be much appreciated. We will not need the snacks until Friday. Please do not send in any food containing nuts. The children will have their lunch as usual, but if they have a packed lunch, will probably not need as much that day.

Year 6 have not decided on the film to watch yet, but please do let the office know if you are not happy with them watching a PG film. It will be either a U or PG.

Thank you again for your excellent support. We know they will all do their best next week and do us proud. I have told them to have a lovely weekend, to relax, eat and sleep well and not to worry. They need to try and get plenty of rest and sleep each evening and make sure they have a proper breakfast.  It is important too that they remember their water bottle and a healthy snack.

They will all be fantastic!

This time next week it will all be over!

A copy of the timetable for the tests is below for your information.

Yours sincerely,

 Mrs Peacock


Mrs Della Peacock

Head teacher


Monday morning 9.15am

Reading Test -1 hour

Tuesday morning 9.15am

SPAG Test – 45 mins

Spelling – 20 mins

Wednesday morning 9.45am


Maths Calculation – 30 mins

Maths Reasoning – 40 mins

Thursday morning 9.15am

Maths Calculation paper 2 – 40 mins

Friday afternoon

Movie and Pizza afternoon