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Our admissions policy as a Local Authority Maintained School,  is determined by Buckinghamshire Council.  The County policy can be viewed on their website.  To apply for a place at St Michael's C.E School you need to contact the Local Authority in which you live.  We appreciate parents informing us too if they are interested in applying for a place in any year group. If you live in Buckinghamshire you can apply on line by going to www.buckscc.gov.uk where you will find step by step guidance. If you wish to apply for a place after the normal transfer time then you need to complete an 'in year' admission form from your own Local Authority.  If you live in Buckinghamshire this can be downloaded from the Buckinghamshire Council website www.buckscc.gov.uk.

11 Plus Powerpoint for Parents 2021

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Please us the links below for Bucks Council Admissions-

For the admissions process, appeals and access to the Contact Us Form 


For The Admissions Policy - 


Children are admitted to full-time education during the academic year in which they are 5.  We welcome the children to visit us prior to starting so that they may become familiar and confident with the daily routines. Parents/carers who are considering sending their child to St Michael’s are most welcome to visit the school. To make an appointment, please use the on-line booking form or alternatively, telephone the school.

Parents/carers are able to put their child’s name down at school to register an interest (this does not mean a place has been offered) at any time. Parents/carers are invited to view the school prior to indicating whether St. Michael’s is to be their choice.

Key Dates for Children starting School September 2020:

Event Key Date
School Applications  2nd November 2020
Paper Application Deadline 14th January 2021
On-line Application Deadline 1st January 2021
Login to see School Place Offered 16th April 2021
County Induction Day 6th July 2021
Start Primary School  2nd September 2021

Starting School

To help prepare your child for a good start you can:

  • listen and talk to your child about this change in their lives
  • involve your child in getting ready for school by helping choose the things they will need e.g. their uniform, lunchbox, schoolbag
  • talk to your school if you have questions or concerns
  • support staff in getting to know your child, let them know about e.g. interests, health issues
  • keep in touch with the school about anything which may affect your child's learning
  • find out how the school will communicate with you

Pre-School to Primary School

Primary teachers work closely with pre-school staff in their current setting to ensure that information about your child's learning and achievements are passed on. Staff will also share other information which will help the teacher support your child's learning e.g. friendship groups, preferred ways of working.

We would recommend that where possible you attend induction events or introductory sessions - they are designed to let you and your child meet teachers and become familiar with the school.

If you cannot attend an event, contact the school and ask if you can go along at another time. Go prepared with a set of questions covering all the things you and your child want to know about.

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