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Sports Premium Funding

Details of how we used our Sports Premium funding for 2018-2019

can be found HERE

See the link for more details



Our vision for PE and School Sports at

St Michael’s C of E School


Our vision for PE at St Michael’s is to ensure the all-round development of every child and equip them with the necessary skills to enjoy a life-long participation in physical activity. ALL Pupils, regardless of ability, background or gender will be able to access an extensive and balanced PE curriculum enabling them to become confident and able movers, developing their social, physical, cognitive and creative skills alongside their knowledge of the growing importance of a healthy lifestyle within today’s world.


Through the delivery of PE lessons, extra-curricular opportunities, daily physical activity within school and competition , we aim to develop the pupils in four main areas., within which they will be progressed and assessed as they move through the school.


PHYSICAL ME - developing their physical ability in areas such as co-ordination, speed, stamina, strength, spatial awareness and flexibility through a range of activities.


HEALTHY ME-   gaining   an understanding of how activity affects their body and how PE participation contributes to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle by encouraging self-motivation to take part in physical activity;


SOCIAL/MORAL ME - understanding the conventions of fair play, honest competition, teamwork and good sporting behaviour as individual participants, team members and spectators, as well as developing personal qualities such as leadership, tolerance and empathy.


COGNITIVE /CREATIVE ME - developing the ability to create their own activities, evaluate and improve performance and gain an understanding of what factors contribute to achieving sporting excellence and an improved performance.


Please see the documents below to see how our sports premium funding has been used previously to improve PE and school sport and the action plan for this year’s funding together with the proposed impact that it will have on pupil development and progress in the future.